Land near Studfall Castle and Lympne Castle © Paul Wells  

Otterpool Park garden town will open up opportunities for as many as 10,000 new homes, as well as new jobs, in a beautiful setting in the heart of Kent.


Aspirations are high. To help ensure that Otterpool Park becomes a great place to live and to work, in 2017 Folkestone & Hythe District Council brought together a group of leading professionals to provide independent expert advice as its plans for Otterpool Park move ahead.


The Otterpool Park Place Panel is providing ‘critical friend’ advice to the planning authority across all those areas that are essential to get right from the very beginning. This includes advice on strategic issues such as the framework of streets and spaces, their relationship to Westenhanger Station, environmental sustainability, and design codes that will define the character of this new community.

The Otterpool Park Place Panel is chaired by Joanne Cave, Partner, David Lock Associates.

Westenhanger Castle © Paul Wells 

Otterpool Park panel members

Joanne Cave (chair)


Tony Burton

Nicole Collomb

Melissa Dowler

Barny Evans

Louise Goodison

Paul Hudson

Phil Jones

Selina Mason

Stephen Proctor

Sam Richards

Glen Richardson

Dinah Roake

Judith Sykes

Gus Zogolovitch


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Land near Studfall Castle and Lympne Castle © Paul Wells