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Hainault Country Park © Loz Pycock, Flickr

Former Trollybus Depot,Ilford_Flickr_Jul

Redbridge Council has committed to becoming the largest provider of affordable housing in the borough by March 2022. To achieve this, it will build 600 new council homes for rent on existing council owned sites. The borough has secured funding from the GLA’s Building Homes for London programme for £20 million to help deliver these ambitious plans.


Redbridge aspires to bring forward new council homes in a way that is inclusive and empowering to existing and new communities, maximises opportunities and enhances quality of life. To support this process, it is essential to understand the views of council housing tenants, prospective tenants, leaseholders, and other local residents. 

Former Trollybus Depot, Ilford © Julian Walker / Flickr 

The Redbridge Community Review Panel will play an independent, advisory role in the council house building programme, to ensure it is of the highest possible design quality, and meets the needs of local residents. It will discuss issues including: the suitability of sites for different types of development; the best ways to involve the local community in future plans; how development can be designed to fit in to the local neighbourhood; and how well the new housing works after residents have moved in.


The group brings together ‘local experts’ with a passion for and knowledge of council housing and the Redbridge area, and is chaired by Tony Burton.


Barkingside Town Centre © DK-CM 

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Redbridge afforable homes, Wessex Close © Redbridge Council

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