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8. Brent Cross Town Visitor Pavilion_©Simon Kennedy.jpeg


Brent Cross Town Visitor Pavilion, Moxon Architects © Simon Kennedy

The Henrietta Barnett School ©Richard Brine 02.jpg

The London Borough of Barnet is characterised by lively town centres, high-quality residential development and green spaces. A large area of the borough – 38 per cent – is undeveloped, and there are 200 parks as well as open land, green belt, allotments and playing fields.


Barnet is proud to be home to a mix of communities, including London’s largest Jewish community, who play a significant role in the identity of an ethnically diverse borough. The Council aims to concentrate development in the borough’s town centres and around transport nodes, to consolidate growth and enable the building of sustainable communities.

The Henrietta Barnett School, Hopkins Architects © Richard Brine

Developments in the borough are wide ranging and include mixed use town centre projects, neighbourhood master planning, high rise towers, low rise town housing and public realm works. The Council is committed to high quality, context responsive design which improves the lives of its residents. It sees a Quality Review Panel as a key initiative to help facilitate this.

The Barnet Quality Review Panel is chaired by Russell Curtis, Founding Director at RCKa.


Grahame Park, Peter Barber Architects © Morley von Sternberg


New Ground Cohousing, Pollard Thomas Edwards © Galit Seligmann

Barnet panel members

Russell Curtis (chair)

Selina Mason (vice chair)

Archie Bashford

Michál Cohen

Nicole Collomb

Russ Edwards

Gavin Finnan

Mike Harris

Steve Jones

Dushyant Karnik

Esther Kurland

Sarah La Touche

Julian Lewis

Alex Lifschutz

Matthew Lloyd

Julian de Metz

Phyllida Mills

Anne Ogundiya

Paddy Pugh

Prachi Rampuria

Caspar Rodgers

Lorna Sewell

Gurmeet Sian

Kuljeet Sibia

Mark Skelly
Carla Smyth

Simon Tucker
Ramsey Yassa

Terms of reference

IF_DO-Brent Cross Town Substation-©John Sturrock-01.jpg

Brent Cross Town Substation by IF_DO © Jason Hawkes

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