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St Mary's Hemel Hempstead_Matt Brown_Fli


St Mary's Church, Hemel Hempstead © Matt Brown / Flickr

BH_Town Hall Clock_Paul

Dacorum Borough Council is planning significant development across the borough – not least to provide much needed housing. Much of this growth will be in and around existing towns – including Hemel Hempstead which has been awarded Garden Town status. This opens up an opportunity to transform the town by creating 11,000 new homes and 10,000 jobs.

The Council is committed to delivering high quality development. It has set up an independent Community Review Panel to help it better understand the needs of the local community – whether residents, workers, students or visitors – and ensure that those needs are fully met, now and into the future.

The panel – made up of around 15 people of all backgrounds and ages – will contribute to discussions around issues such as housing, transport, public and green spaces and also the environment. Its views and recommendations, captured in a formal report, are seriously considered as part of the planning process and taken into account in the Council’s decisions.

Berkhamsted Town Hall Clock © Paul Downey / Flickr

Community review group members

Tony Burton (chair)


George Bull
Richard Dewhurst
Anna FitzPatrick
Quentin Halfyard
Cheryl Hall
John Kjorstad
Angela Lynch
Bethany Marchant-Roe
Carole Niven
Michael Ridley
Andrew Roberts
Max Smith
Joseph Stopps
Ky Teasdale
Zachary Thole
Jack Watford


Link to handbook

River Gade_ Jellicoe Water Gardens_Peter

River Grade, Hemel Hempstead © Peter o'Connor / Flickr

Tring memorial garden_DBC.jpg

Tring Memorial Garden © Dacorum Borough Council

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