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Ealing is the third largest London borough, in terms of its population, and is one of the most ethnically diverse communities in the country. As such, the priority for Ealing is to ensure healthy, safe and prosperous environments that enhance the quality of life for residents and visitors. 


The next 15 years will bring substantial change to the area. The borough will be home to 5 Crossrail stations, adding development pressure to the existing need for affordable homes and employment spaces. 




Pitzhanger Manor © Pitzhanger Manor & Gallery

The Ealing Design Review Panel has been established to support the borough´s ambitions for sustainable growth and high-quality design, strengthening the individual characteristics of each of Ealing’s distinct neighbourhoods. This includes protecting local conservation areas, ensuring access and quality of public open spaces and cohesive connections within and beyond the borough.


The Ealing Design Review Panel is chaired by Kathryn Firth, partner at FP Design.


Acton Gardens Estate © Levitt Bernstein 

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Ealing panel members

Kathryn Firth (chair)

Andrew Beharrell (vice chair)

Helen Allen

Khalifa Abubakar

Martha Alker

Anna Bardos

Kyle Buchanan

Tom Greenall

Will Hurst

Dan Jestico

Toby Johnson

Phil Jones

Dipa Joshi

Louise Mansfield

Ranjit Matharu-Hemmings

Andrew Morrison

Anagha Mujumdar-Potbhare

Renée Searle

Harbinder Singh Birdi

Graeme Sutherland

Linda Thiel

Zoe Watson

Sarah Wigglesworth


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Grand Union Canal © Brett Jordan, Flickr

The Wharncliffe Railway Viaduct in South

Wharncliffe Viaduct © Maxwell Hamilton, Flickr