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Gunpowder Mill, Waltham Abbey © Pollard Thomas Edwards Architects

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Epping Forest District Council has ambitions to create a place where residents enjoy a good quality of life – with homes of different sizes, types and tenures that meet the needs of all members of the community.


There is a strong commitment to pursuing development in sustainable locations – where the particular character of individual towns and villages is enhanced, rather than diluted, and where the district’s natural and historic assets are exploited, rather than diminished.

This will require high quality design – in its broadest sense: urban and landscape design; architecture; transport; environment; and delivery.

North Weald Railway Station © Epping Forest District Council

The Quality Review Panel brings together leading practitioners with the relevant expertise and experience to support delivery of strategic sites – including review of the masterplan – and other significant projects within the district. 


The Epping Forest District Quality Review Panel is chaired by Peter Maxwell, Director of Design, London Legacy Development Corporation.

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Crate Loughton © CRATE™

Epping High

Epping Forest District panel members

Peter Maxwell (chair)

Kamlesh Bava

Andrew Beharrell

Janinder Bhatti

Jayne Bird

Laura Bradley

Neil Davidson

Derek Griffiths

Kirsten Henson

Shashank Jain

Roland Karthaus

Dr Jan Kattein

Lynn Kinnear

Richard Lavington

Richard Lewis

Kate McGechan

Hari Phillips

Prachi Rampuria

Vivienne Ramsey

Chris Snow

Peter Studdert

Judith Sykes

Richard Wilson


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Epping town centre © Epping Forest District Council

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Epping town centre © Epping Forest District Council