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Drapers Academy, Fielden Clegg Bradley Studios 

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The London Borough of Havering is determined that all development in the borough will be high quality and sustainable – and create special, successful places.

Havering has a rich and diverse architectural heritage – with 11 conservation areas and some 350 buildings of special interest, as well as over 50 Archaeological Priority Areas identified by Historic England. All new development will look to respond positively to Havering’s unique character – so that the sense of place and community that already exists is strengthened still further.

Lombard Court, Romford © Bell Phillips Architects for the London Borough of Havering

Good design will be of huge importance in achieving this. In line with the National Planning Policy Framework, the London Borough of Havering has established a Quality Review Panel to reinforce independent expert advice as part of the design process.

The Quality Review Panel will neither duplicate nor replace existing mechanisms for securing high quality design – but rather it will provide additional advice to support Havering’s planning officers’ and planning committee’s commitment to high quality development.


The Havering Quality Review Panel is chaired by Selina Mason, Director of Masterplanning at Lendlease.

Rainham_Library, Maccreanor Lavington an

Rainham Library, Maccreanor Lavington Architects © Tm Crocker

Elm Park Primary School.jpg

Elm Park Primary School © Walters & Cohen Architects

Havering panel members:


Selina Mason (chair)


Phil Armitage

Clara Bagenal George

Valerie Beirne

Alice Brownfield

Marie Burns

Nairita Chakraborty

Asif Din

Gavin Hale-Brown

Matthew Halsall

Graeme Laughlan

Lucas Lawrence

Anna Mansfield

Kieran Perkins

Hari Phillips

Julia Ratcliffe

Carla Smyth

Morgan Taylor

Simon Tucker

Susanne Tutsch

David Ubaka

Lindsey Whitelaw

Beatrix Young

Terms of reference

Annual report

RSPB Centre_vHH_(c)JamesBrittain (1).jpg

RSPB Environment and Education Centre © van Heyningen & Haward Architects

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