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Waltham Forest Town Hall © Waltham Forest Council

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Waltham Forest is one of the most diverse and vibrant boroughs in the country, with strong communities, a unique landscape, heritage, cultural and industrial assets. It has a forward-looking Council that is ambitious about ensuring that Waltham Forest a place where everyone can enjoy a good life, and where development is generous, joyful and considers people and the planet. To achieve this, the Council is implementing an ‘exemplar design’ approach which makes clear that exemplar design is more than what a development looks like, it’s about real consideration of human, social, environmental, and financial value.


Waltham Forest is bursting with culture, energy, and opportunity. It was the first ever London Borough of Culture and Night-time Enterprise Zone, with a rich cultural heritage that takes in William Morris and Alfred Hitchcock and a host of new creative talent. The borough is at the forefront of regeneration in London and the Council are working hard to make a big difference to residents’ lives.

Jazz Yard by Sixty Bricks © Waltham Forest Council

The Waltham Forest Design Review Panel has been setup to work closely with the dynamic Place and Design team to deliver exemplar design that is closely aligned with the council’s borough missions including: building an economy that works for everyone, making Waltham Forest a great place to live and age well, leading the way for a net zero borough, creating safer, green neighbourhoods where everyone can thrive, tackling the housing crisis head on, and ensuring every family and every child are given every opportunity.


The Waltham Forest Design Review Panel is chaired by Melissa Dowler, Director at Bell Phillips Architects.

Gainsford Road_Gort Scott_Pocket Living_1.jpg

Gainsford Road by Gort Scott and Pocket Living © Dirk Lindner

sutherland road long_Levitt Bernstein_Tim Crocker.jpeg

Waltham Forest panel members

Melissa Dowler (chair)

Miranda MacLaren (vice chair)

Simon Abbott
Nimi Attanayake
Duncan Blackmore
Leigh Bullimore
Angela Crowther
Mary Duggan
Amber Fahey
Esme Fieldhouse
Mellis Haward
Adam Khan
Tom Kordel
Judith Lösing
Tom Newby
Sammas Ng
Kaori Ohsugi
Ken Okonkwo
Nina Quarshie
Lemma Redda
Jessica Reynolds
Antje Saunders
Mitakshi Sirsi
Alex Spicer
Jerry Tate

Sutherland Road, Levitt Bernstein © Tim Crocket

WF_Drone_Project_47 Wide shot of Juniper House.jpeg

Aerial view of Waltham Forest © Nick Kane

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