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Seen and Heard Workshop Brent 2020, London Borough of Culture © Brent Council

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As one of the most diverse and culturally rich boroughs in London, Brent is a dynamic and engaging place, with much to be proud of and celebrate. The Council is adopting a design-led approach to address the increasing challenges posed by climate change, the housing crisis and need for strategic infrastructure, to support our residents of today and tomorrow.


The council’s aim is to deliver high quality, sustainable places that people are proud to live in and to maximise opportunities to access good quality housing, employment, education and culture. The Community Review Panel plays an important role in furthering the council’s commitment to securing high-quality design, which complements and celebrates Brent’s diversity, heritage and culture. The panel has a vital role in ensuring that growth in the local area delivers benefits for all and serves the needs of people living, working and regularly visiting the area.

The panel brings together 18 members with a passion for and knowledge of Brent. It is chaired by Daisy Froud.

Unity Place © Gort Scott

Community review panel members

Daisy Froud (chair)


Sarah Al-halfi
Cristina Antonini
Ikram Benzila
Denton Brown
Adrian D'Enrico
Pedro Ferreira
Alia Karim
Rama Khatri
Emma Ko
Michaela McKay
Louie Mendoza
Manoj Mishra
Noreen Muir
Sid Nazef
Ugochukwu Njoku
Olufunmi Sowunmi
Andrzej Wielenczyc
Peter Wortsman


Link to handbook

Brent Council_The Library at Willesden Green, AHMM.jpg

The Library at Willesden Green, AHMM © Brent Council

The Granville_RCKa_Jakob Spriestersbach & Kit Oates.jpg

The Granville, RCKa © Jakob Spriestersbach & Kit Oates

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