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Northala fields by LDA Design © Toby Smith Photography


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Ealing is one of the country's most ethnically diverse communities, expected to experience substantial growth over the next ten years. It is part of two growth corridors established by the London Plan: Elizabeth Line East-West and High-Speed 2 / Thameslink. In addition, Ealing, Southall and Acton have been identified as Strategic Areas for Regeneration, which will provide new homes, jobs, transport infrastructure, schools, healthcare facilities, open space, public utilities and other community and recreational facilities. The London Plan has set a housing target for the borough of over 21,000 new homes by 2029. 


Ealing Council wants to make sure that both current and future residents and businesses benefit from the significant growth of housing and employment planned in the borough. Through the Community Review Panel, it hopes to give a voice to local people, offering residents an opportunity to comment on the design of developments in their area.

The panel brings together 24 members with a passion for and knowledge of Ealing. It is chaired by Daisy Froud.

Ealing Broadway © Steintec / Flickr

Community review group members

Daisy Froud (chair)


Akram Ahmad
Maxim Bagdasarian
Rina Bimbh
Dionne Bimpong
Quentin Bryar
Rosita Caspersz
Svetlana Chekmasova
Yvette Cummings
Amaya Eastman
Dominic Field
Heenal Ghedia
Yasmin Gilani
Barbara Gougoulis
Rajni Jarrett
Aleksandra Masiuk
Wiola Parzych
Geoff Payne
Caro Sanders
Jessica Tulasiewicz
Deborah Welsh
Anne Westhenry
Jan Wozniak

Link to handbook

Ealing_Axel Drainville_Flickr_edited.jpg

Signpost in Ealing © Axel Drainville / Flickr

Ealing Walpole Park_Christianb_7_Flickr

Ealing Walpole Park © Christianb_7 / Flickr

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