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Stanton Williams_UCL East Marshgate_03_©Hufton+Crow.jpg


UCL East Marshgate by Stanton Williams for the London Legacy Development Corporation © Hufton+Crow


Frame Projects has team members with a background in research, public affairs, and design advocacy. As an organisation we have a reputation for bringing people together to build consensus on complex design challenges. This background means we are regularly asked to assist with design research projects, on behalf of non-departmental public bodies and professional institutions.


Recent projects include work with the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) in collaboration with Harbinder Birdi of Birdi & Partners. In November 2020, the UK’s first 30-year National Infrastructure Strategy included the requirement that all projects were to have a board-level Design Champion. Our work with the ICE focused on more clearly defining this role, through interviews with key individuals from the design, construction, and infrastructure sectors.

Chiltern Tunnel South Portal by Align JV for HS2 Ltd © Edward Bailey

Our work with the ICE followed on from an earlier research project with the National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) supporting publication of their Design Principles for National Infrastructure Projects in February 2020. This was based on a comprehensive literature review, stakeholder interviews, and a roundtable discussion, in collaboration with the NIC Design Group.


We have also worked for several years with the Greater London Authority (GLA) Good Growth by Design team. This has involved facilitating workshops with key staff responsible for commissioning design across GLA organisations including two Mayoral Development Corporations, Transport for London, and GLA Housing and Land. This process has led to the co-creation of design quality management protocols with input from Mayor’s Design Advocates.


Colne Valley Western Valley Slopes © Align JV / HS2 Ltd


HS2 independent Design Panel annual meeting in 2016 © HS2 Ltd

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