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Haringey Council’s commitment to high quality development is unambiguous: the Haringey Development Charter states that ‘all new development and changes of use must achieve a high standard of design and contribute to the distinctive character and amenity of the local area’.


Substantial new development, including in Tottenham and Wood Green, is anticipated over the coming years – and the council is making sure that it improves the quality of life of those living and working in the borough, as well as those visiting it. It expects all new development to embrace the principles of sustainable design and to respond positively to the character and setting of Haringey’s neighbourhoods.

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The Haringey Quality Review Panel has, since 2015, scrutinised major and controversial development proposals – advising applicants, planning officers and the planning committee on how well the scheme meets the criteria of the Haringey Development Charter. 


The Haringey Quality Review Panel is chaired by Peter Studdert, an independent adviser on city planning and design, based in Cambridge.


Blue House Yard, Jan Kattein Architects for Haringey Council


Haringey panel members

Peter Studdert (chair)

Hari Phillips (vice chair)

Yemí Aládérun 

Martha Alker

Phil Armitage

Georgios Askounis

Marie Burns

Stephen Davy

Esther Everett

Louise Goodison

Leo Hammond

Dieter Kleiner

Jonas Lencer

Phyllida Mills

Hugo Nowell

Iris Papadatou

Tim Pitman

Paddy Pugh

Andy Puncher

Wen Quek

Craig Robertson

Ann Sawyer

Alan Shingler

Joanna Sutherland

David Ubaka

Lindsey Whitelaw


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