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Millwall Dock © Phillip Jama / Wikimedia Commons


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The Isle of Dogs and South Poplar is expected to experience major growth over the next 20 years, with the delivery of 31,000 new homes and 110,000 new jobs. The Isle of Dogs and South Poplar Opportunity Area covers a large land area of 390 hectares at the centre of London’s expansion eastwards, and has the capacity to make a valuable contribution towards supporting London’s housing and employment needs.


The London Borough of Tower Hamlets established a Community Development Panel to help ensure that new developments are of the highest possible quality, whilst also empowering local people to have an increased say about the urban design and planning process. The panel will play a vital role in ensuring that growth in the local area delivers benefits for all of the community and that new development serves the needs of people living and working in the area, both now and in the future.


The panel brings together 13 members with a passion for and knowledge of the Isle of Dogs and South Poplar. The panel is chaired by David Ubaka.

Millwall Dock © Simon / Flickr

Community development panel members

David Ubaka (chair)


Kanishka Aubeelack
Ruth Bravery
Lorraine Cavanagh
Bob Erens
Sister Christine Frost
Puneet Jaiswal
Pramod Mistry
Dipesh Patel

Razmin Rahman
Julia Shannahan
Gerry Walsh
Rey Syuen Wang Yeh


Link to handbook

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Mudchute Park © Julian Mason / Flickr

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Winter Lights 2020 © Garry Knight / Flickr

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