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Brimmington Park © Southwark Council


An ambitious and exciting 20-year regeneration programme is already under way along the full length of Old Kent Road. The London Borough of Southwark’s aspiration is for this to become much more than an arterial road – rather, a destination in its own right, where people will want to live, work and visit. 

Regeneration will be spurred on by the proposed extension of London Underground’s Bakerloo Line, with two new stations on Old Kent Road. New homes, employment opportunities, schools, parks and community facilities are planned to transform this area. 

A high priority is tackling the borough’s housing crisis – some 20,000 new homes are anticipated, including 7,000 affordable homes, and of those 5,000 at social rent. This is coupled to the generation of around 10,000 new jobs.

Youth Night © Southwark Council

The Community Review Panel brings together people who know Old Kent Road well and want to make a positive contribution to its future: residents, employers, employees or others who visit it frequently. 

The views of the Community Review Panel will complement the work of Southwark’s Design Review Panel in helping to achieve the highest quality of development along Old Kent Road. 


Old Kent Road opening © Southwark Council


Community review group members

Gurmeet Sian (chair)

Mohammed Bentaleb
Shelene Byer
David Clarke
Simon Donovan
Julia Feeney
James Glancy
Margaret Higgins
Rebecca Lefort
Mike Levitt
Rahul Mani
Aaron Mo
Saidat Oketunde
Victoria Oluwabless
Sarah Osei
Sydney Simms
David Stoker
Lin Vong
Madison Westwood

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Burgess Park © Southwark Council


Clifton Crescent © Southwark Council

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